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Pump & Compressor


Our Company Profile

PT. Jaya Manggala Sakti was cooperate with Wing Wah Industrial Services Pte Ltd (WWIS) formally known as Wing Wah Engineering Works was incorporated on 25 March 1998. We are an established company specializing in the overhaul, repair and retrofitting of rotating equipment. Our customers are major refineries, pharmaceutical plants and petrochemical plants. We started off with Precision Metal Machining, Metal Stamping and Metal Fabrication in 1962. Through years of improvement and development, the company expanded from a small workshop of 1152 sq.ft to a 7324 sq.ft factory workshop equipped with updated equipment to facilitate our one-stop solution centre. Wing Wah Industrial Services, ISO-9001 certified, is dedicated to support the industry with proven quality and experienced personnel. We are also a S.H.E Checklist Contractors (SCC) committed to ensure our customers of the highest level of safety compliance which is of paramount importance. We aimed to be your single source in maintaining, repairing and upgrading of rotating equipment.


Our Service Capabilities

We provides comprehensive maintenance, repair and retrofitting for rotating equipment in the oil/gas Pharmaceuticall industris. Our facility and resources are capable of supporting the industry in planned, ad-hoc and emergency repair work supported by trained personnel on a 24-hour basis. All personnel in Wing Wah have attained the required skills and certifications needed in these industries.

Key Service

Rotating Equipment Overhauling

  1. Centrifugal, screw & multistage pumps
  2. Fans and blowers
  3. Sea-water pumps
  4. Turbines
  5. Compressors
  6. Reactors and agitators

Fabrication and workshop services:

  1. Dynamic balancing
  2. Heat exchangers - new fabrication and re-tubing
  3. Sea-water pumps
  4. Machining, boring, grinding and milling capability for new equipment Parts
  5. Metal Arc Spra
  6. Skids fabrication

Field service/Projects

  1. Site removal/installation on-site repair work
  2. Computerized machine and pump aligment
  3. Installation of new pumps and pump base
  4. Supply of skilled personel

Enginering service

 Customized pump solution - supply, design and installation of skid mounted pumps for offshore and in-land rigs and drilling facilities our service include:

  1. System sizing and customizing
  2. Skid design
  3. Instrumentation and Control system
  4. Piping fabrication
  5. Testing
  6. Full project documentations

Our Quality

To ensure that all equipment that comes out of Wing Wah Industrial Service conforms to the required specification and tolarances, we have developed a set of company standars, work procedures and inspection techniques for each stage of the overhouling process. These procedures are written with reference to AWS, ASTM, TEMA, API standars to ensure consistency in meeting the stringent requirement of industry. We have a dedicated and independent team of Quality Assurance engineers to overseethis important process. A comprehensive and detailed report accompanies every piece of equiment serviced by us.

Staff Training

At Wing Wah Industrial Services, we are commited to provide competent and skilled personnel in the function of overhauling and servicing of rotating equipment . As such, we have set up a cn-the-job training program certified by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE COJTC). This program provides employees with the required knowledge and skills though classroom trainings and on-the-job instructions guided by experinced trainers.

Our Pump Products

Win Wah Industrial Services entered into partnership with Maxfully International Limited supporting in sales, marketing, system design and installation for range of speciality pumps widely used in the oil exploration industries both offshore and inland. We are also the exlusive OEM service centre for the Maxfully range of pumps.

Established in 1992, the pumps manufacturing facilities are spread accross three factory sites in Ningbo China with a total production area of 4,000 m2. It's 400-strong workforce includes highly skilled mechanist, designers and R & D professional in developing customized, robust and reliable pumps for the industry. Maxfully pumps, API and ISO certified, are well recognized for quality and reliability internationally.

Our product range and application :

  1. Mud Pumps
  2. High Pressure water injection pumps
  3. Slush Pumps
  4. High Pressure Steam pumps
  5. CO2 Injection pumps
  6. Polymer Injecton pumps
  7. Metering pumps
  8. Screw pumps




For the detail specification, brochure or price quotation, please email us or fill in your enquiry in the contact us. We look forward and pleased to answering any questions you have about our products.